Variocage Crash Tested Car Crates



We are proud to be the distributors of Variocage Crash Tested Car Crates for East Anglia. In our opinion, these unique crates are the best and safest on the market to help protect both dogs and human passenger’s whilst travelling.

We have the full range of crates here and offer free fitting by appointment. Customers are more than welcome to try their dogs in the crates, and the crates in their vehicle to get the perfect match. Please note, as our crates are designed to work in conjunction with the crumple zone of your vehicle we will only fit them behind the rear seats or bulkhead.

The crates come in a range of sizes in both single and double. We also have one to fit hatchbacks so the door of the crate will clear the lip of the boot. All our crates have an adjustable length to make a perfect fit to your car and dog, which also means the same crate will fit a huge range of vehicles. As an alternative to the crates we can also offer a Tailgate if for some reason a crate is not a practical option, however we would always recommend a crate as first option.

Here are some of the great features of our crates:-

*Crash tested*

  • Engineered to provide safety to both humans and dogs
  • Designed to work with the crumple zone of the car
  • Flexible enough to absorb impact but strong enough to retain its shape
  • Sizes to fit most vehicles
  • Crate adjustable in length to suit your car
  • Crate secured by straps (supplied) to cargo anchor points
  • Divider supplied with double crates so you can choose to separate your dogs
  • All crate doors are lockable (keys included), with a facility to add a padlock if you wish
  • Escape hatch and rubber mat included

For more information about the crates, or to view, please phone or email us.